In keeping with the rich and varied imagination of the young minds, schooling involves stress free and attractive
methods such as:
• Regular monitoring of the child's progress through innovative testing tools
• Development of the child's academic and technical skills with the help of modern learning devices such as Smart Boards,
• Computerized Programs in various subjects.

The pre-teen years are both impressionable and receptive. Hence the teaching methods and aids are designed to take this into account.
The Middle School offers:
• Individualized learning paths assuring coverage of varied concepts and skills.
• Interactive Curriculum throwing challenges to the learner at every stage.
• Independent mode of learning and expression.
• Learning through experience: activities mapped according to the curriculum.

At this level the objectives and methodologies of the Board Exams are primarily focused upon. The students are monitored and trained so
that they are well prepared and confident about the upcoming CBSE exam. This is done through:
• Constant evaluation in accordance with the norms of the CBSE Board.
• Emphasis upon the Oral (Speaking) and Aural (Listening) skills as a part of the CBSE English Project.
• Learning made easy through seminars, audio-visuals aids, power point presentations and role play.
• Well quipped labs help the students gain practical knowledge.




The school was established in the year 2019 and is following CBSE curriculum since then for imparting best education among
the students. Located on a spacious, eco-friendly campus, Salar Infinity Mission offers a complete educational program, starting
from Pre-KG to STD – 10 th.

Our Motto
Knowledge and Punctuality for a Bright and Harmonious Life.
The Sun, the Book, the Harp and the Clock are the symbols of the school logo, which in unity underlines the school, Motto.



To foster a society of responsible citizens having the capacity of progressive thinking, initiating positive
change to impact larger community through quality education, virtuous thoughts and positive attitude.
Being a pre-eminent learning center, the school is committed to:
Promote academic competence and develop core values of respect, diversity and joy of learning.
Empowering children to develop into disciplined leaders of the future with high self esteem
To provide a child centered education system, with a focus on the all-round development of each child.
To ensure that successful, enthusiastic and inspirational teaching and learning, within the context of a
balanced curriculum, is imparted to every student.
To provide healthy and balanced support system with clear moral foundations, for all ages.
Enable, encourage and endow each child to initiate a life-long pursuit of learning, discovery, innovation,
exploration and expression